Family Research AnSearch

Do you have Scandinavian or North European roots?

In this case Family Research AnSearch is the right place.

A lot of people in different countries are searching after their roots. In many cases it’s not a big issue to get information about who was your great-grandfather, or perhaps who was your great-great-grandmother. However, should you find out that your more distant ancestors immigrated from northern Europe, it might get bit more difficult. That’s why we on Family Research AnSearch are here to assist you.

In such a situation, the records are in another country, which will complicate your family research. To make this even more difficult, you will find that all the records are not in English, but in Swedish, German, Danish, Norwegian or some other language. What to do? Don’t panic. There is a solution to this challenge.

Family Research AnSearch (Ancestry Search) is a genealogy service that is at your disposal when you want to find out about your roots in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, and in some degrees also Denmark, Latvia or Norway. We have many years experience of both genealogy and archives. You can contact us and we will jointly make up a plan of what you want to know about your ancestors in any of these countries. Even Germany may be possible for us as research subject if the parish records have been digitalized. In the case the parish is not digitalized, it requires an on-site visit and then all travel costs are added.

At the same time we decide an upper price limit for the research. This will not be exceeded unless you give your consent. Family Research AnSearch are here to help you get on with your research. Do not let the distance or the language to make you lose your hope in finding your ancestors.