Customer recommendations

“I have used AnSearch at different times during the past few years. They are always dedicated and accurate. They listen to your preferences, but take the initiative. Results have been exactly what I’ve been looking for . . . what I’ve wanted to understand. You get friendly and educational answers that put events in perspective. You get the big picture, not just data reports.”

“I have used AnSearch during the last years and results include detailed explanations and friendly, educational explanations. This puts events in perspective and gives you a context. It has been just what I’ve been looking for.”

Susanna Svedberg, Uppsala, Sweden

“Thank you for the very thorough genealogy work and detailed explanations. Worth all the money.”

S-H Schmidt, Umeå, Sweden

“Over the past few years I have used Peter’s help in my efforts in the complex world of genealogy. At his courses he has taught me how to use genealogy software and helped me to do genealogy research using military records. I’ve also been at his “private reception” getting individual help for tricky questions.

Once, at one of his courses, he mentioned that he also does contract research for a small fee. In total, I’ve given him three assignments that he has carried out very thoroughly. Even so thoroughly that I found it difficult to believe that he did it all in such a short time that I was billed for.

That Peter has profiled himself with military genealogy was important for me. I imagined that researching my ancestors’ military history would be an insurmountable obstacle. This proved to be wrong. After the course, understanding Swedish rolls of enlisted became clear even to a layman. This obviously requires at least reasonably knowledge of Swedish.

In addition to a good historical general knowledge, one of Peter’s strengths are his solid language skills. Among my ancestors, there are soldiers from both the Swedish period as well as the time under Russia. After attending the course, I can manage the former with my school Swedish, but if you want to find out about your ancestors under Czar’s service, knowledge of Russian is required. Peter’s language skills include not just Finnish, Scandinavian languages and Russian, but also English, German and French. Perhaps there are others, but these are the ones I observed him using.

I can warmly recommend to contact Peter, if you need a more comprehensive investigation of relatives, or help in solving an impossible knot in your genealogy.”

Marja-Liisa Marjanen, Finland

“Genealogy is a time-consuming and enjoyable hobby, but often, unfortunately, lack of advanced skills prevent you from getting further. In these cases I’m happy to be able to make use of a professional genealogist like Peter on AnSearch. His long experience allowed me to resolve some difficult issues that I probably wouldn’t have been able to manage on my own without his expert help.”

Claes-Håkan Wigell, Helsingfors, Finland