Family research

Family research in the Nordic countries (Scandinavia) and the other countries around the Baltic sea is our speciality. A lot of people in Northern America or Australia have some of their roots in these countries. It is not allways such an easy task to get started if you want to make your own research in countries in this area.

At first all the records are in different languages. In Sweden and Finland the language of the records is swedish. In Denmark and partially Norway these are in danish, and in Estonia and Latvia they are written in german up to last decades of 19th century when the language was switched to russian.

At second the records are not the same in these countries. Every country under a king or an emperor had their own ways to keep the records. These were not identical and some things that were recorded in the books in one place, were not written down somewhere else.

This no longer need to be a problem for anyone who are interested in their roots in Scandinavia. Family Research AnSearch have more than twenty years experience of genealogical research as well as several years experience of working in an archive.

The only thing you need is to contact Family Research AnSearch so that we can reach an agreement in what you want to be researched. We need of course one or more names of people and their date of birth and other information about them that you may already have. Please, read more in the headlines.