Genealogical services

We provide the following kinds of genealogical research services:

A complete study of relatives x-number of generations backwards in time (the number of generations is determined in consultation at the beginning of the mission). This means in clear that we are researching all the family branches backwards in time. The time required depends on the time period. If it’s about people, who mainly lived and worked during the 1800s, it will advance faster. If the people have lived in the 1700s, the time required may increase slightly, especially when it comes to the first half of 1700s. This type of research provides a complete family tree for proband (= the person who stands as the initial person from whom the research begins.)

This type of research can also be extended with the service, “Handmade family tree” (see more about it in under “Family trees”)

Another option is to research only focusing on one or two family branches back. It could mean that we are researching the father and his father etc. or mother and her mother etc. without including all the other family branches.

A third option might be to first research back to a certain year and a certain ancestor, who is considered the first known person in the family, and from this person or two persons we will research all their descendants all the way to modern times. It must be noted that privacy rules prevents most of this typs investigations in the 1900s. However, privacy policy period varies from country to country.

A fourth option might be called research help for a genealogist, who for some reason “stuck” in his or her own research and needs some help in order to move forward. The reasons to this may vary from case to case.

The research assignment may include that we assist with the review of specific sources, such as military rolls etc.