Our services

We first need all the information you have regarding the relative, who once immigrated to the United States or Canada. The more information you have about this person, the sooner we can find him or her in the archives of the country of origin. What we need to know is the date and at least approximate location of birth. In case it is question of a woman, we do also need her maiden name.

Should you miss any of this information, it can in spite of all be possible to find the right person in the archives. Then you decide how far back you want this research to extend. You can also specify whether it is just one specific lineage that you would like to have resolved. The possibilities are countless. If you want a complete familial investigation, it is also possible to order a handmade family tree.

The latter is done in accordance with a separate agreement with the payment partially in advance because it is the question of a time-consuming “craftsmanship”.